ChainCraft creates circular chemicals from food waste

Fully bio-based

Price competitive

Trusted quality

Turning chemistry circular

Petrochemicals and palm oil are unrenewable, destructive, and toxic to you and the planet.

ChainCraft supports the transition away from these compounds and replaces a variety of products with bio-based chemicals made from food waste. This is transforming the way we handle our waste and stimulating the implementation of sustainable circular processes across multiple industries.

ChainCraft’s fatty acids are naturally produced by non-GMO fermentation of food waste. Through this process, medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) can be supplied to the agri-food and chemical & material industries. With quality that you can always trust to deliver the results you need.

The benefits of bio-based chemicals

Reducing carbon footprint

Enabling circular chemical production

Providing safe and sustainable chemicals

Contributing to food waste upcycling

This is ChainCraft

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Niels van Stralen
CEO ChainCraft

“We believe in an industry in which all chemistry is circular. ChainCraft’s advanced chain elongation technology upcycles food residues, unlocking net-zero production of chemicals. It is with this technology, that ChainCraft can make a positive impact, and can do its part to build a more resilient, stable, and sustainable future.”