A race against growing food demand and resistance to pesticides

Consumers and farmers are looking for innovative measures to boost crop productivity in a more natural and safe way. At the same time, increasing regulatory pressure around various crop protection products is driving partners in the agriculture value chain to explore new, more sustainable crop protection solutions without health concerns.

9 billion people
The world will need to produce about 70% more food by 2050 to feed an estimated 9 billion people.
The agricultural industry currently generates 19-29% of total greenhouse gas emissions
Extinction risks
Agriculture threatens 24,000 of the 28,000 (86%) species at risk of extinction.
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AgriCraft® 6, AgriCraft® & AgriCraft® SOP

Short and medium-chain fatty acids (SCFA and MCFA) such as acetic acid (C2) and pelargonic acid (C9) have commonly been used as herbicides to combat weeds for many decades because of their effectiveness and limited environmental impact.

However, there is a need for new and more sustainably produced versions of such fatty acids and a need for a wider functionality offering, to better substitute synthetic pesticides.

ChainCraft produces fractionated fatty acids such as AgriCraft® 6 (caproic acid) and AgriCraft® 4 (butyric acid) with a purity of more than 98%, both offering the individual performance characteristics, such as the ability of C6 to cut through the cuticle of leaves, and their ability to protecting  your crops from specific weeds and fungi.

How ChainCraft helps to boost crop productivity

Potassium sulfate – also known as Sulfate of Potash – is commonly used as a fertilizer. Our MCFA production process releases a side stream of potassium sulfate, suitable to directly substitute this energy intensive, mined fertilizer. With AgriCraft® SOP we offer a truly circular, high purity Sulfate of Potash, which has a significantly lower carbon footprint than conventional SOP.

Other circular fertilizer ingredients in our portfolio are ammonium sulfate and struvite.

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