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Fossil fuel and palm oil use causes deforestation, biodiversity loss, pollution and contributes to climate change

The increase of global population and living standards is driving up demand for consumer products. At the same time, these consumers request more sustainable and local products without any negative environmental impact. This has created a demand for biobased, sustainable products such as ‘free-from butters’, ‘fully biobased laundry detergents’ and many more.

Food ingredient suppliers depend on antimicrobials and other processing and formulation ingredients to provide the healthy, convenient, and tasty food products that these consumers increasingly desire. However, sourcing of these raw materials is often problematic, both in terms of economics and sustainability.

Annual $ share of sustainability-marketed products

Consumers' preference when shopping

Changing shopping habits
Nearly 6 in 10 consumers are willing to change their shopping habits to reduce environmental impact.
Upgoing trend
Consumers spent €8.2 billion on animal, human and environmentally friendly products in 2020.
Extensive palm oil use
Palm oil and its derivatives are used in 70% of cosmetics products.
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SensiCraft® 4, SensiCraft® 5 & SensiCraft® 6

The production of esters, ethers, aldehydes, and other important derivatives offering strong sensory effects to the consumer, depend on fatty acids as key raw materials.

These fatty acids have a cheesy, waxy odor, ideal to mimic cheesy, buttery, or nutty flavors. They can also act as antimicrobials, each with their individual performance and their potential synergies.

Our product line consists of SensiCraft® 4 (butyric acid), SensiCraft® 5 (valeric acid), SensiCraft® 6 (caproic acid), SensiCraft® 7 (heptanoic acid) and SensiCraft® 8 (caprylic acid), all with a purity of more than 99%, which are intermediates for high purity esters, ethers, aldehydes and alcohols, derived from renewable materials.

How ChainCraft can help create sustainable ingredients

ChainCraft can support food, flavor and fragrance experts in their quest towards more sustainable solutions. The fatty acid products we develop can provide both drop-in and new substitution opportunities for development of the next generation consumer products.

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