The chemical industry is heavily reliant on fossil fuels as feedstock

The supply of traditional feedstocks such as oil and gas for the chemical industry continues to be unstable. Their future is problematic: increasing societal pressure for sustainability and volatile markets. Therefore, the  importance of alternative solutions continues to grow, with a focus on second generation biobased chemicals which will provide a reliable supply towards the future.

The chemical industry...
... contains a market with 75% chemicals proven to be hazardous to the environment and/or human health.
The chemical industry...
... accounts for 40% of the EU's industrial natural gas demand.
The chemical industry...
... contributes to 7% of global anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
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Short- and medium-chain fatty acids (SCFA and MCFA) are being used extensively in a variety of applications in the chemical industry, including for the production of alcohols, plasticizers, solvents, buffer agents, polymer additives, and pharmaceutical active ingredients.

The X-Craft® product portfolio is a range of sustainable, linear, and saturated fatty acids, ideal for the chemical industry. It consists of butyric acid (C4), valeric acid (C5), caproic acid (C6), heptanoic acid (C7) and caprylic acid (C8), in various grades of purity.

How ChainCraft can help create new and sustainable products for your industrial applications

Our products can act as a precursor to an even wider range of valuable chemicals, such as alcohols, triglycerides, other esters, amines, and amides. The extensive fatty acid-based portfolio developed via ChainCraft’s proprietary chain elongation technology, provides leading chemical innovators with many opportunities for the development of unique new and sustainable products.

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