New Ecover “Too Good To Waste” household cleaners made from ChainCraft’s fatty acids derived from food waste

Fermentation-based fatty acids converted into high performance surfactants for more sustainable cleaning products

15 May 2023 – Consumers are demanding a change from brand-owners, a change into more sustainable solutions with similar performance. “71% of global consumers are making changes to the way they live and the products they buy, in an effort to live more sustainably”*. However, this is not an easy task and bright minds from pioneering start-ups, technology providers and brand-owners need to cooperate in order to develop the required solutions. We are thrilled to announce that in collaboration with Ecover we have been able to pull this off, resulting in a high-performance surfactant made from our circular fatty acids.

This surfactant is one of the novel ingredients enabling Ecover to launch new household cleaning products with ingredients predominantly made from food waste. This is just one class of consumer products that can be formulated based on ChainCraft’s fatty acids, as these versatile building blocks offer a wide range of opportunities.

While we have established a steady business for our fatty acid-based products in the animal nutrition sector, it is now time to expand our impact by venturing out into other application fields. We have already begun several exciting collaborations with leading companies in a variety of markets and plan to share many more related updates in the coming years.

This certainly has been a team effort, both with our innovative partners as well as within our dedicated team of fermentation experts, which are all hungry for such positive impact. We therefore celebrate this milestone together and welcome you to join in on our adventure to turn chemistry circular!

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* Simon Kruger Partners 2022

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