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It all started with a breakthrough discovery at Wageningen University. For the first time it became clear that valuable circular chemicals, in the form of medium-chain fatty acids, could be produced out of organic waste streams. This could be a big step forward compared to composting or digestion of organic waste to biogas. For the last decade, ChainCraft has worked on this disruptive circular innovation, scaling up from laboratory via pilot scale to a commercial demonstration factory, capable of manufacturing up to 2,000 tons of medium-chain fatty acid salts annually. As with most start-up ventures it has been a challenging but exciting adventure.

Now at scale-up phase, with a technically and economically viable concept, ChainCraft is ready to lead the way and become a competitive challenger that turns the chemical industry circular.


An industry in which all chemistry is circular.


Providing sustainable chemicals to improve our daily lives.

Key values

ChainCraft is hungry for positive impact. keen on pragmatic innovation. caring and collaborative. no guts, no glory.

We are grateful for the support we receive from governments willing to support innovative companies that accelerate the chemical transition:

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