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Painters request safer, biobased solutions as exposure to toxic compounds in paint is harmful to users’ health

Consumer perception of the eco and toxicity profiles of paints and coatings has traditionally been negative. This has brought health and sustainability to the forefront of both professional painters as well as consumer’s minds, resulting in a strong demand for more sustainable solutions with a lower carbon footprint.

However, the supply of traditional feedstocks for paints and coatings continues to fall short and petrochemical and oleochemical feedstocks continue to be unstable, both in price and availability. Alternative solutions such as bio-based building blocks are therefore needed, to provide a secure supply for the production of paints & coatings.

Toxic waste
The production of 1 ton of solvent-based paint can produce 10-30 tons of toxic waste, much of which is non-degradable.
Health risk
20%-40% increased risk of certain types of cancer for those who come into regular contact with, or work with paint.
Consumer behavior
Professional painters are willing to pay 11% more for bio-based paint, consumers even 17%.
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X-Craft® 4, X-Craft® 6 & X-Craft® 8

Short- and medium-chain fatty acids (SCFA and MCFA) and their alcohol derivatives are used as building blocks for various types of coatings or as active ingredients where they can act as antimicrobials in this application.

Fractionated fatty acids and alcohols can function as building blocks for production of polycondensates, acrylates and other types of coating technologies. The X-Craft® range includes X-Craft® 4 (butyric acid), X-Craft® 6 (caproic acid) and X-Craft® 8 (caprylic acid), all with a purity of more than 98%.

How ChainCraft helps decrease toxicity and increase biobased content

SCFA and MCFAs and their alcohol derivatives such as n-hexanol and n-butanol can be used as building blocks. They can be used to produce polycondensates and acrylates. Or for example, as functionally active ingredients such as non-toxic antimicrobe.

As the fatty acid and alcohol portfolio by ChainCraft is produced from organic waste streams, incorporation in your formulation increases the biobased content and improves the environmental impact, stability, and price of supply.

For paints & coatings companies, this extensive portfolio developed by ChainCraft’s proprietary chain elongation technology provides their leading innovators many opportunities for the development of new, unique, and sustainable solutions.

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