In the whole food value chain – from primary agricultural production to the food on your plate – food residues are created.

Using our first commercial scale proven proprietary chain elongation technology we can process a wide variety of food waste streams into bio-based and circular chemicals. 

Building on principles of nature, ChainCraft has developed a platform technology to produce bio-based and circular fatty acids for the agri-food, and chemical & materials industries.

Our unique biotechnological process robustly converts organic residues into short and medium-chain fatty acids (SCFA & MCFAs).

These acids can be used in a wide variety of products across many industries. 

Our Amsterdam facility

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Commercial mid-scale plant

We produce the salts of fatty acids named C-Craft® Liquid and C-Craft® Powder, our unique products, on a commercial scale.

Upcoming full-scale flagship plant

Our fatty acids will be produced as a liquid in their ‘acid’ form, which are our fractionated C-Craft®, X-Craft®, SensiCraft® and AgriCraft® product lines. These fractionated acids can subsequently be converted into alcohols, esters and other derivatives.

The flagship plant will have a production capacity of 30,000 tons of fatty acids annually and will use organic residues from the agri-food industry as feedstock.

We are continuing to develop our innovative processes and products to further our contributions to a circular chemical industry.

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